gift-cardWhen you pay with a credit or debit card, Weaver Street Market pays a fee to the card’s bank. Each year, this adds up to about $500,000! We can avoid this fee if you pay with cash or a “gift card.”

Fees for each payment type

Credit card  –  $0.10 + 2% of transaction
Debit card  –  $0.35 per transaction
Check  –  $0.06 per transaction
Cash  –  Minimal fees to deposit cash and get change
Gift card  –  Zero to use; the cost of charging/recharging depends on how you pay

You can get a gift card from our cashiers. You decide how much money to load onto it. If you add more than $20, pay with a debit card to get the lower fee of $0.35. (You can also pay with cash!) Then, swipe the gift card when you shop to pay for your groceries, fee-free. You can check the card balance online or at the register. When the money runs out, recharge the same card. (Note: online card purchases are not yet available; we are looking for a way to do this without incurring a large fee.)

As more people pay with gift cards and cash, the income previously paid as fees to banks will stay in our community, furthering our 2020 goals of making healthy food more accessible, driving the growth of local and sustainable foods, invigorating downtowns and using zero energy/creating zero waste.

Try a gift card today!