Click here for the 2017 application, due July 14.13-0897-FINAL Twin Pines Cooperative Foundation - Logo EditsWeaver Street Market gives grants each year to local nonprofits for community projects that focus on “Access to Healthy Food.”

The grants come from our Cooperative Community Fund (CCF), a sustainable endowment fund for community donations. WSM grows the endowment fund through contributions from owners and shoppers, including the purchase of Hope for the Holiday products, proceeds from the April and October wine shows, and donated owner dividends and shares. In 2016, the fund gained $20,690 from ticket proceeds from our wine shows, $10,850 from Hope for the Holidays purchases, and $5350 from donated dividends and shares. The endowment’s current value is $200,800.

Amount of 2016 CCF money raisedEach spring, a committee composed of consumer-owners and worker-owners evaluates the grant applications and selects the recipients. Since its first grant award in 2006, the CCF has awarded grants to 28 local nonprofit organizations for a total of $23,070.  The grants are paid from the annual interest accrued on the endowment fund.

In 2015, WSM refocused the grant awards to “Access to Healthy Food.” Previously grants focused on issues related to hunger and malnutrition, sustainable agriculture and organic food, environmental protection, and cooperatives. Click here for a list of Cooperative Community Fund Grant Recipients.



Gift Card Donations

At WSM, we value the communities served by our stores.  We donate gift cards to qualified community organizations that are sponsoring events that promote the mission of the co-op—making healthy food more accessible to the community, supporting our local agriculture, community-building, and protecting the environment.