Our kitchen staff prepares fresh food daily for our hot bar and salad bar, as well as packaged items like sandwiches and soups for our Grab N Go case. A breakfast bar is available when the store opens until slightly before lunch. The hot bar is available by 11 AM on weekdays and by 1 PM on weekends, until 8:30 PM in Carrboro and Hillsborough and 9 PM in Southern Village. The salad bar is available all day until 8:30 PM in Carrboro and Hillsborough and until closing in Southern Village. These hours may vary on holidays or during special events.

hot barThis week’s hot bar theme: Southeast Asian

Beef rendang stew
Assertively seasoned braised beef with coconut.

Thai-style tempeh
Nutty spiced tempeh with fresh peppers and cauliflower.

Lemongrass and red chili chicken
Citrus and spice come together for this flavorful roasted chicken.

Nuac chom sauce
Pronounced NWOK CHOM or NAHK CHOM, this is a classic condiment from the Southeast Asian region, spicy and acidic to complement the flavors in this menu.

Peanut satay sauce
A rich peanut sauce with hints of coconut, ginger, and spice.

Baby bok choy
Simply steamed and delicious.

Soy-glazed eggplant
Flavorful soy-glazed eggplant with crisp green beans and red bell peppers.

Broccolini with bamboo
Simply roasted broccolini with sliced bamboo shoots.

Green curry rice
Basmati rice with green curry and cilantro.

Snowpeas and carrots
Simply steamed and still crunchy!

Yellow curry potatoes and leeks
A Thai-influenced yellow curry sauce bringing together potatoes and fresh leeks.

Egg noodles
Simple egg noodles to complement many of the other dishes featured in this menu.