blueberriesLocal Blueberries Are Here
The first local, organic blueberries are here and they taste great! This summer we’ll be getting blueberries from Southern Belle Farm and Uncle Henry’s Organics (through ECO) and Vollmer Farm (later in the season).



Ataulfo Mangos

Ataulfo Mangos
Ataulfo mangoes are starting to appear in stores. May is peak season for these mangos from Mexico. These are the yellow mangos with the creamy flesh and thin pit. One of the sweetest varieties of mangos, the Ataulfo is great for eating fresh or blending with milk or yogurt to create smoothies, lassis, and parfaits. When fully ripe, their skin is deep golden yellow and they are soft to the touch like an avocado. Leave them on your counter to ripen. To cut, slice off the two “cheeks” on either side of the flat mango pit, cut a crisscross pattern into each “cheek” without cutting through the skin, and scoop the cubes with a spoon.

Fresh, crimson stalks of rhubarb are here. Use them to add a delicious tart edge to your spring pies and cakes. Rhubarb can be stewed with sugar for an easy dessert or ice cream topping. Get the recipe here.




Local Strawberries
April and May bring a bounty of fresh local strawberries. The weather was hard on strawberries this year; we’ll be working to bring you local, organic berries from several nearby farms.



Asparagus, like most vegetables, is available year round from somewhere on the globe, often from Peru. But asparagus lovers know that springtime is the best time for this tasty and tender treat. As the weather warms, the harvest goes from Peru, to Mexico, to California, then finally to Washington or New York State in the late spring. March through May is the best time to enjoy fresh asparagus, when the distance it has to travel is a little less.


russ vollmerLocal Tomatoes
Vollmer Farm gets an early start on the tomato season with their greenhouse tomatoes. They’re picked vine-ripe and ready for your sandwiches and salads. Read more about the Vollmer Family.



kaleLocal Greens
Vitamin- and mineral-rich dark leafy greens are a good addition to your diet year-round, but especially as we head into cold and flu season. As the weather cools, the local greens season ramps up. Right now we have plenty of kale and collards, two heavy hitters in the nutritious foods category. Our collards are coming from Cottle Farms and Uncle Henry’s Organics, both in Rose Hill, NC. Our kale is arriving from several different farms, including Nourishing Acres in Cedar Grove, NC. Read more.


sweet potatoesLocal Organic Sweet Potatoes
We have organic NC sweet potatoes year round! They’re in the ground the entire summer, harvested in the fall, and left to cure for a week or two in pack houses. Close to 100 percent of our sweet potatoes come from North Carolina, specifically Triple J Produce in Sims, NC. Read more.