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At Weaver Street Market, the social and environmental bottom lines count.
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Ecological Initiatives

RecycleBin.jpgAs a responsible member of our global community, WSM works to protect our natural environment by utilizing green technologies and sustainable systems in each of our business units.

BiofuelsTank.jpgIn addition to recycling 14 different types of reusable materials (corrugated and waxed cardboard, metal cans, plastic bottles, three colors of glass, three types of paper, packing peanuts, plastic bags, cooking oil and compostable food waste), we use biodegradable take-out containers, purchase 10% of our electricity from green energy sources, and run our delivery truck on bio-diesel from the Piedmont Bio-Fuels Co-op. We have bins for customers to recycle batteries and plastic bags (grocery, dry cleaning, etc.) in our stores, as well as bins where they can return biodegradable "PLA" takeout containers. We recycle wine bottles corks as well.

Our facilities in Hillsborough incorporate multiple energy-saving devices, including a system to capture heat from refrigerators to heat water for dishwashing and provide energy for air-conditioning. Other innovations include adjustable lighting, energy efficient insulation, and water-conservation systems. In 2012, our Food House diverted 149,170 pounds of compost from the landfill! The 2013 remodel in Carrboro added efficiencies to that store, which you can read about here.

As we continue to grow we will seek out new ways to minimize our environmental footprint whenever possible.


Weaver Street Market pioneers innovative and responsible ideas that improve lives, from living wages for our staff to sustainable agriculture in the Piedmont and Fair Trade around the world.