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At Weaver Street Market, the social and environmental bottom lines count.
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Sustainable Farming:

   Weaver Street Market promotes the growth of prosperous farming communities that embracechicken.jpg environmental stewardship and demonstrate a dedication to quality food.
Sustainable agriculture ensures that a farm can produce high quality food without irreversibly damaging the health of the ecosystem. Organic farming is a prime example, but even small farms that cannot afford the cost of organic certification can participate in sustainable agriculture provided they use few or no pesticides, rotate crops, replenish the soil after harvesting, and minimize the use of non-renewable resources.
     Sustainable farming extends beyond vegetable crops to include livestock and aquaculture. At WSM all of our meats are antibiotic and hormone-free, and whenever possible we offer products from animals raised humanely, by family farmers, on land managed in a sustainable manner. As our oceans become depleted and farmed fish grows into big business, we evince our commitment to sustainability by selling only wild seafood that is not endangered or harvested using environmentally destructive methods and farm-raised fish produced using ecologically sound practices.

 Sustainable Seafood:

      We don’t sell seafood that is over-fished or endangered, or farmed using aquaculture methods that are ecologically destructive. It is clear that the issues surrounding sustainable seafood are complex and evolving, so we will continue to monitor reliable sources for new information. We believe that we should be selective in our choice of seafood. It is the best way to express our value that, over the long term, high quality seafood should be available to us all, and sustainable management and production is the only way to ensure that this occurs.









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Weaver Street Market pioneers innovative and responsible ideas that improve lives, from living wages for our staff to sustainable agriculture in the Piedmont and Fair Trade around the world.