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Weaver Street Market: We Own It!
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Bread Bakery

See our bread schedule here.

Our handcrafted bread is legendary in these parts, and rightly so. We use organic flours to make  traditional hearth loaves, both naturally leavened and yeasted, without the use of preservatives. Preferments allow for a longer fermentation that allows flavors to develop. Our French baguettes and Italian ciabattas are made according to authentic Old World recipes, and every loaf is shaped by hand. Pan loaves such as Sunflower, 7 Grain, and Sweet Wheat make great toast, and even tastier sandwiches. We bake our bread fresh everyday, because when perfection is your goal, nothing less will do.

From buttery Croissants to tangy Sourdough to savory Olive Herb, we have a bread that will win your heart.

Watch a video about all the rolls we make.
Watch a video about life in the bakery by former WSM baker Sarah.
Watch a video of our bagel-making operation.

All of our profits are returned to owners, donated to our community, or used to strengthen the cooperative. Cooperative businesses are honest, open and fair, behave with integrity, and remain accountable for their actions.