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Weaver Street Market: We Own It!
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    On any given day at Weaver Street Market you might bump into a farmer coming through the back door with a load of fresh veggies from his or her farm. As a community-owned grocery, we have the opportunity and the responsibility to seek out and cultivate suppliers and form relationships with the people who are growing food in our area. We encourage local growers looking for a market to stop by the produce department to talk business. We are proud to offer the widest selection of locally and organically grown produce in the area! We monitor the quality of the produce, get the best picks immediately and give feedback to the farmers about what our customers want. Our produce department is a direct link to the local economy, and your source for the freshest produce available.


All of our profits are returned to owners, donated to our community, or used to strengthen the cooperative. Cooperative businesses are honest, open and fair, behave with integrity, and remain accountable for their actions.