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Suki Roth's Herbal Teas - Hillsborough, NC
We are happy to carry herbal tea blends grown and formulated by local herbalist, Suki Roth. Suki has been creating tea blends for clients in her consultation practice and is now happy to offer them to you. The herbs in the tea blends are lovingly grown in her garden or gathered wild (ethically wildcrafted) from the lower Piedmont, NC, mountains, with a few specific treats coming to us from out of state.

As a community herbalist with a growing consultation practice, Suki finds great reward in teaching and sharing her love for North Carolina's abundant supply of medicinal and edible plants. Suki shares her infectious enthusiasm through classes and workshops focused on identification, application, preparation and plant communication (plant meditation). Her greatest joys come from the many gifts one receives while communicating with nature. Growing, exploring and communicating her love for plants is now a life passion.

Suki's tea blends are beautiful, aromatic, and medicinal, too. There are many varieties to choose from:

Green Tonic - A tasty high mineral tonic for the whole body
Love Your Liver - A refreshing, cleansing blend to support liver health
Cold-Flu Comfort - A warming blend to ease and eliminate cold and flu discomfort
Woman's Vitality - Supports a woman's overall health; especially nourishing for the reproductive system
Heart Healthy - A gentle uplifting tonic for the heart
Cloud 9 - A relaxing blend that supports and nourishes the nervous system

Look for new blends appearing seasonally to support the body's needs throughout the calendar year!

By choosing from our thoughtful range of authentic foods you will be supporting small producers and local farmers as well as enjoying some of the tastiest hand-crafted products in the area.