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larrysbeanslogo.jpgLarry's Beans - Raleigh, NC

Outside the Larry’s Beans roasting plant in Raleigh sits a used, veggie oil-powered school bus painted with slogans about Fair Trade, sustainability and global warming. Walk inside CEO Larry Larson’s office and you’ll see an oversized poster of happily determined farmers from the Mut Vitz Mexican Fair Trade Coop with the headline CHANGE THE WORLD, WHY THE HELL NOT? “That’s exactly why we get up in the morning,” says Larry . “Changing the world is what makes this business fun for us. I started out as an obsessive coffee connoisseur from Seattle. I was focused on scouring the world for the most wildly unique coffees, then roasting them to bring out their full flavor. I was led to Fair Trade because I wanted to deal directly with farmers. I realized we can achieve both — roasting great coffees and making the world better.”

LarrysCoffeeBag.png Following that path, Larry’s Beans became a founding member of Cooperative Coffees, the country’s only cooperative of independent roasters that imports green beans directly from Fair Trade Coops. After a lot of work and coffee cuppings, Larry’s Beans became one of a handful of roasters who sell 100% Fair Trade coffee. Additionally, all Larry’s Beans coffees are Shade-Grown, Organic or Transitional Organic.

Larry himself is both Chairman of Cooperative Coffees and a Director of the Fair Trade Resource Network, as well a a member of the Fair Trade Federation. Last year, Larry along with other Fair Trade activists worked with Kenya’s Minister of Cooperative Development, to bring Fair Trade to Kenya (still an ongoing struggle). And recently, he traveled to Nicaragua with Stephen Ineson of local band, the Milagro Saints, where they produced “Musicians, Farmers & Poets,” a CD of music from Fair Trade Farmers.

All Larry’s Beans coffees are slow-roasted in small batches “to bring out,” says Larry, “the layers and nuances of flavor that our farming partners work so hard to get into the bean. They work to make their crops taste unique and we do our part to make sure it all comes out in the roast.”

Larry is delighted to be at Weaver Street Market, “because we stand for the same things.” Come in to Weaver Street Market and try some of Larry’s Beans! Read more about Larry's on their website.


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