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Weaver Street Market is committed to bringing you the freshest, best tasting foods available.
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locologoforweb.jpgLocopops - Orange County, NC

A frozen treat on a stick.

A local, women-owned business, Locopops is serving up paletas  (pa-LAY-tahs), a Mexican-style frozen treat on a stick.
Locopops first opened in Durham 2 years ago, using fresh fruits, locally grown herbs, and locally produced cream.
These confections are not your typical grocery-bought popsicle. The menu boasts a wide and constantly changing variety of flavors and culinary traditions such as rosemary lemon, orange cardamom, chocolate chile, mango coconut rose, blueberry thyme, raspberry hibiscus, strawberries and cream, cherry bay leaf, and nectarine ginger.
You’ll never know exactly what you may find on the menu board when you walk in the door, except that it will be evenly split between 11 vegan, water-based flavors (paletas de agua) and 11 vegetarian, cream-based flavors (paletas de crema). The owners, Connie Semans and Summer Bicknell, balance the offerings so that there will always be something to please both kids and adults, traditional and more daring palates.locopopsgirls.jpg

Although the business is growing, Locopops wants to retain their focus on family, community, sharing and creativity. This philosophy is reflected not only in their product but also in the kid art hanging on the walls, the Locopost mailbox (customers are encouraged to recommend flavors), and the informal, folksy décor.

Visit Locopops, or try one of the selected flavors available at Weaver Street Market!
By choosing from our thoughtful range of authentic foods you will be supporting small producers and local farmers as well as enjoying some of the tastiest hand-crafted products in the area.