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Weaver Street Market: We Own It!
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Coltolette Di Scamorza
(Smoked Mozzarella Cutlets)

- Smoked Mozzarella (cut into half inch slices)
- Egg(s)
- Milk
- Plain breadcrumbs
- Salt and pepper
- Oil for frying

Heat up the frying oil. While the oil is heating, prepare our cheese cutlets. Dip your cutlets into a scrambled egg mixture of eggs, milk, salt and pepper. Coat them in breadcrumbs. Repeat this last step. Dip the cutlet in the egg again, then dip in the breadcrumbs again. We are creating a coating that should seal itself. Try to be careful not to break the seal (this will keep the cutlet whole and prevent if from leaking outside of its own crust). Place in the frying pan. Cook on that side until YOU think that it is golden brown.

Carefully turn the cutlet over and cook until that side is golden brown. The trick to frying (any kind of frying) is not to move the food around too much; this breaks the natural seal that the breading has made and allows the oil inside, which makes things very greasy and, as in this case, ruins the integrity of the dish. Serve with a salad and some bread. YUM!

Buon Appetito!And remember - cook with love AND DON'T BE CHEAP!


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