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heartredforemail.jpgRecipes for Love

Okay, let's be honest, Valentine's Day is all about one thing--celebrating the eternal dance of the senses that sets us on fire and leads us to love; that heady rush of hormones and romance that gets us all jumbled up inside. And you thought I was going to say sex. Whether your day is one of innocent sensuality and romance or something a little more serious and deep, the plant world can enhance the mood of the day. Scents such as rose, patchouli and ylang ylang tickle the limbic brain, our emotional brain, and it sends messages to the skin and the sexual organs, telling them to get ready for fun! Herbs such as damiana, kava, and lavender soothe the nerves and elevate the emotions, getting us in the mood. Goto kola increase the sensitivity of the skin. Ginger, and ginseng increase circulation, and improve stamina. Garlic is said to stimulate the lower charkas. In the recipes that follow local herblist, Suki Roth has used all these herbs to create special recipes for Valentine-s Day.

Essential Love Scents:
10 drops ylang ylang essential oil
1 drop lavender essential oil
1 drop vetiver essential oil
Mix together. Use as bath oil, to infuse a room, or drop on a candle

Chocolate Massage Oil:
Sweetened coco
Almond, Grapeseed, or Jojoba Oil
Few drops of essential oil as follows
For a man; sandalwood, juniper, or patchouli
For a woman; ylang ylang, vetiver, patchouli, or rose
Mix all together.

In The Mood Tonic:
2 parts kava
1 part goto kola
1/2 part meadow sweat
Mix together. Take three dropperfuls before romantic encounter

Love Nibbles:
Roast whole garlic cloves, let cool, dip in chocolate, nibble all night!

Sweet Love Tea:
1 tbl chopped ginseng root
1 tbl chopped ginger root
1 tbl chopped licorice root
Bring to boil in 2 cups of water. Reduce heat and simmer for 1 hour.
Strain and sweeten with honey to taste.

Love Bites:
1 tsp Ginseng powder
1 tsp Damiana powder
1 tsp goto kola powder
1 tsp macha powder
1 tsp guarana powder
1 tbl bee pollen
1-2 dates pitted
Mix herbs & bee pollen together with just enough honey to make a paste,
stuff dates and feed lovingly to your significant other.

Chocolate Damiana Wine:
1 cup dried damiana
4 sticks cinnamon
1-1 1/2 of vanilla bean
1 tsp angelica root (opt)
3 cups Jamaican rum
1 tbl baking coco
honey to taste
Split open vanilla pod and add beans to rum. Mix in all ingredients except honey. Seal in a jar for two weeks. Strain and sweeten to taste with honey, add one vial of Royal Jelly and serve.


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