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Weaver Street Market: We Own It!
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Beans & Greens!!!
by Wendy Hayes, Assistant Produce Manager

Now here's a little somethin' I dreamed up one day, and I think it turned out pretty good, so why don't you have a go at it -the local, organic chard is due in the store around the first week or so of November, so get ready.

Caramelize two med-large onions. Then throw in a big bunch of chopped up rainbow chard (stems included, of course) and let it wilt.

Rinse a regular size can of white beans and throw that in, too, along with some salt, pepper, and a big blob of pesto that your industrious friend (or perhaps your industrious self) gave you. Now carefully toast two handfuls of pine nuts and toss it all together.

Add freshly grated reggiano parmesan, if you like. Serve with balsamic at the table, just a touch will do. I ate this concoction in a sprouted grain tortilla, but I bet it would work better over a little rice, or even with a nice warm sourdough stick, and some baked sweet potatoes. Enjoy! Let me know what you think! Love, Wendy.

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