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Weaver Street Market: We Own It!
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electiontaskforce208.jpgElection Task Force

The WSM Board of Directors convened a committee of worker- and consumer-owners to report on options for a clear set of election rules and a strategy for increasing voter turnout. Below are links to the summary of their findings and their meeting minutes.

The board would like to Thank Eliza, Geoff, Danielle, Billy, Jacob, Robert, Jamie, Mickey, Emily, Christy, and Kate who gave their time to help the market move forward on this issue.

Preliminary Summary Report 

Committee Notes 01282008

Committee Notes 02042008

Committee Notes 02112008

Committee Notes 02182008

Committee Notes 02252008

Committee Notes 03032008

Committee Notes 03102008

Notes from an individual 01282008

Notes from an individual  



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