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Weaver Street Market: We Own It!
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grillmasterchuck.jpgGrillmaster Chuck
Chuck Tezekjian
by Emily Buehler, Contributing Writer
There are lots of barbeque sauces out there, but sometimes the simplest is the best. Chuck Tezekjian’s original Grillmaster Chuck sauce proves this, winning barbeque competitions from Florida to South Carolina to the heart of barbeque territory, Texas. With the mild flavor of all natural fruit juices, brown sugar, and molasses, it’s bottled locally in Louisburg, North Carolina, east of Durham. Weaver Street Market carries Grillmaster Chuck’s Original flavor, as well as spicy Smokin’ Chipotle and packs-a-punch South of the Butt.

Chuck has always been passionate about cooking, since he stood mesmerized by the grill, watching his dad cook. He ended up a “computer guy” but never quit cooking; he’d buy barbeque sauces from the store and add ingredients to improve them. Trying new ingredients became a challenge—friends would bring him odd ingredients, challenge him to make a sauce, and then come over to taste the results. People asked for his recipes. He sold batches of barbeque sauce to friends.

In 1993, Chuck entered the Backyard Barbeque Competition in Jacksonville, Florida and won 1st place. The next year, after moving to Holly Springs, North Carolina, Chuck entered a chili cook-off sponsored by a Raleigh radio station. His chili, with his barbeque sauce as a base, won the ‘unique’ category. Everyone told him he should bottle the sauce. Chuck kept dabbling, and soon had his kitchen inspected and started to sell sauces online. Sales increased, and soon he had to rent a commercial kitchen.

Grillmaster Chuck now makes six barbeque sauces along with four rubs. He’s had to include a local bottler to keep up with the demand. What began as a hobby has become his life. “I love when people try it and love it,” Chuck says of his sauce. “I love when a child’s in his stroller, reaching for it, and his mom says, ‘He won’t like that!’ as I give him some, and then a smile breaks across his face and her jaw drops to the ground.” Look for Grillmaster Chuck’s Original, Smokin’ Chipotle, and South of the Butt barbeque sauces at Weaver Street Market.  Visit Chuck’s website.

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