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Weaver Street Market: We Own It!
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zing.jpgCapsicana Zing Gourmet Sauce
Cheng & Weng Ng
Mebane, NC

Zing! is the offspring of our romance with the red pepper.
My husband and I grew up in Malaya, Malaysia and had peppers daily with our meals. When we immigrated to North Carolina, we were thrilled and delighted to find red peppers in abundance. Peppers add a rich and piquant flavor to stir-fried vegetables and meats. They are a major constituent of curries and give zip and zing to bland dishes like tofu and turkey. They take away the “fishiness” of seafood without robbing it of its flavor.

Indeed, it was while we were on a trip to Florida at the end of our first year in America that Zing! was “conceived.” The seafood dishes in Florida were superb and delectable, but the sauces were totally unimaginative, unappealing, and unappetizing.

My husband looked me straight in the eye and told me that I simply had to come up with a sauce that would do the harvests from the sea and land justice. Finally, after three long years of failure, disappointment, and discouragement, I came up with the winning combination - we threw a feast!

By then, we had made a lot of farmer friends among whom we lived in the quaint, historic town of Hillsborough. Their experience with spicy foods was limited and with their first taste of our sauce, some thought we had set their guts on fire!  A short time later, though, they were growing peppers in exchange for our sauce and when winter came, they wanted to buy the sauce from us.

Our sauces, essentially North Carolina products, blend the flavors of the East for the palates of the West. Please try and enjoy!- Cheng and Weng
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