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fireflyfarmsbanner.jpgFirefly Farms in Accident, Maryland, started as a farmstead creamery in 2002. Mike Koch’s great-grandfather made cheese in Switzerland, and he spent summers on a farm as a child. When he and Pablo Solaney bought a farm in 1997, their neighbor had goats. They asked if they could milk the goats and try making cheese, and thus their creamery was born.

Over the years, they’ve enjoyed meeting their customers at Farmers’ Markets and being part of the growing local food movement. They sold their goat herd in 2006 and began sourcing milk from two local farms. They now get milk from five farms, four of them old-order Amish. They work closely with the milk producers to ensure the quality and consistency of the milk.

Firefly Farms now includes co-owners and cheese-makers Matt Cedro and Dan Porter, and Andy Cedro, director of sales. You can visit them online at www.fireflyfarms.com and watch a video about the farm made by one of the restaurants that uses their cheese. Check out the recipes in the Our Local Pantry blog and the poetry in Mike’s Onward Now blog.

We carry three Firefly Farm cheese (may not be available in all stores): the Merry Goat Round, a white bloomy rind cheese aged for 3 weeks; the Mountain Top Bleu, a pyramid-shaped soft-ripened cheese, aged 3 weeks, that won third prize at the American Cheese Society in 2012, and the Black & Blue, a cheese that continues to age after being waxed.

By choosing from our thoughtful range of authentic foods you will be supporting small producers and local farmers as well as enjoying some of the tastiest hand-crafted products in the area.