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MysteryBrewingLogo.pngMysteryBrewing_TerraVita2012b.JPGMystery Brewing is Hillsborough's first craft brewery. Since early 2012, their company mission has been "to create a cornucopia of high-quality, small-batch, rustic ales for the discriminating consumer, and to test the boundaries of creativity and style. In short, to make outstanding beer." Founder Erik Lars Myers is also the author of North Carolina Craft Beer and Breweries, published in 2012.

At Mystery Brewing, they don’t filter or pasteurize their beer. They don’t add chemicals to enhance foam or clarity and aside from hops, they don’t add preservatives. Mystery beers won’t be crystal clear, but they'll be full of flavor. Myster Brewing uses a variety of ingredients to aMysteryBrewingBook.jpgdd flavor and complexity: wheat, rye, oats, different types of sugars, fruits, herbs, and spices. They also make only seasonal beers - they don’t have a flagship. This is because they believe that "what people like to drink changes depending on the time of year, the type of foods that are available in the local markets, the weather, and even their moods.  Because of that, we’re striving to provide a seasonal selection that’s always fresh and reflects what we think drinkers will be looking for at each time of the year."

Mystery Brewing Company's name comes from the original definition of “mystery”: “art and craft of a trade.” Brewers were among the first organized trade groups. Evidence of a guild of brewers as early as the 12th century in London refers to “the Master, Keepers or Wardens and Commonalty of the Mistery or Art of Brewers of the City of London.” So “Mystery” is a tribute, and a recognition that there is just as much art to brewing as there is science, and it’s a gentle reminder that to move forward and create a truly excellent future, sometimes you have to look at the past.

Visit Mystery Brewing online at www.mysterybrewing.com.

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