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French Broad Chocolate Bar Tasting Notes
Listen to descriptions of the bars on Youtube.

Malted Milk Chocolate
45% cacao mass
Contains malt from local Riverbend Malt House
The sweetness comes from malted barley flour, milk powder, and milk sugar; there is no added sugar.




Coffee Milk Chocolate (Dark)
60% cacao mass
Beans from Morropon Province, Peru
Contains panela, a whole, minimally-processed brown sugar from Peru that possesses molasses and minerals; locally roasted coffee from Mountain Air Coffee; locally distributed sea salt; and a small amount of milk powder
The strong bitter flavors of the cacao and coffee are balanced by the sweetness of the panela and milk powder.


Dark Chocolate – Plain
70% cacao mass
Beans from award-winning Tumpis Cooperative in Tumbes, Peru
Beans have characteristics of red fruit flavors: stone fruit (plum), compound berry (raspberry, blackberry), or dried cherry. “There is also a nice, fundamental cocoa-y note; and then it finishes with an almost lemon zest, balsamic sweetness, a sweet acid flavor.”



chocolate_bar_fbc_lapsang_souchong.jpgDark Chocolate – Lapsang Souchong Tea
70% cacao mass
Beans from award-winning Tumpis Cooperative in Tumbes, Peru, as described above
Contains Lapsang Souchong or smoked Chinese black tea that is sprinkled onto the back. The tea is from Dobra Tea in Asheville and is from plantations that treat workers fairly. Also contains sea salt from Selina Naturally, a local salt distributor.
“The smoke and salt has a nice rounding effect on the intital bright acid, fruit flavors.”


Dark Chocolate – Plain

66% cacao mass
Beans from Palo Manco Community in Chulucanas, Peru
“The beans have a characteristic nuttiness, a nice woody character, a little bit of dried concentrated fruit, in this case darker, on the raisin-y end. It also has some very light notes of fig or mild pear.”



chocolate_bar_fbc_chulucanas_81.jpgDark Chocolate – Darker
81% cacao mass
Beans from Palo Manco Community in Chulucanas, Peru, as described above
Contains panela, Peruvian brown sugar, that is folded in at the end of the process.
“Large crystals of sugar give way to this juicy burst right off the bat, strong molasses flavors and it kind of tapers into the chocolate through those concentrated fruit flavors on the end. Then it finishes up with a nice baked cocoa note.”


Bubbie’s Almond Bar
75% cacao mass
Beans from Morropon Province, Peru
“Very strong nutty earthy flavors in the beans. The earthy, toastyness is complemented by caramelized almonds.”


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