Fair trade:
     Our commitment to building sustainable food systems and prosperous communities drives us to seek out Fair Trade products of the highest quality that have been certified and vetted by independent monitoring organizations.
     Fair Trade is about ensuring that farmers are paid a reasonable price for what they grow. Buyers agree to pay farmers enough money per pound to support the cost of production, regardless of the whims of the global market. In exchange, growers agree to international monitoring to ensure that no child or slave labor is utilized, and that farming practices are ecologically sound and sustainable.
     Fair Trade prices ensure not only a reasonable return on the sizable investment of time and labor needed to grow crops like cocoa, coffee, rice and tea, but also afford farming communities a chance to build a future beyond grinding poverty and exploitation. Farming co-operatives use the money generated by the sale of Fair Trade crops to build roads, libraries, banks and health clinics, and improve access to clean drinking water, sustainable food systems, and quality education. It may seem like a small thing, but purchasing Fair Trade products is one of the easiest ways you can help build thriving sustainable communities all around the world.

Fair Trade Wine

     Wine making is an incredibly expensive, laborious process that takes years to perfect. This makes it difficult for small producers to get started, let alone turn a profit, and makes it almost impossible for them to compete with large corporations whose scale allows them to absorb high production costs more readily. By organizing into a cooperative, pooling resources and sharing facilities, individual farmers mitigate the cost of production.  Read more







Fair Trade Chocolate:
More Than a Tasty Novelty

     Weaver Street Market has recently added some great new chocolate bars to our shelves, so it seemed like a good time to revisit the concept of Fair Trade chocolate and examine how something as small as a candy bar can make such a difference in the day-to-day lives of cocoa growers. More than a tasty novelty, Fair Trade chocolate represents social and economic progress in an industry traditionally marked by poverty, deprivation and inhuman working conditions.  Read more .