ficklecreek.jpgLocal purchases:
Weaver Street Market works to strengthen the local economy by supporting a flourishing community of local producers. We provide a venue for educating consumers about sustainable food systems in our region.
     Buying locally produced goods not only reduces the energy burden of trucking, shipping and flying freight around the world, it also minimizes transport time and reduces post-harvest contamination. This lightens the overall ecological footprint of your meal,  and guarantees the freshest food possible. When you buy local you support small, family owned farms and businesses that focus on quality rather than quantity, using time-honored traditional techniques to create authentic artisanal goods. Because they live and work in the communities they serve, local producers are held to a greater standard of accountability than faceless agribusiness conglomerates. They are more likely to employ sustainable farming practices, engage in humane animal husbandry, and work to conserve natural resources.
     Almost half the food we sell at Weaver Street Market is produced locally, including the breads, pastries, soups and salads we craft in our own kitchen. Local goods show up in every department, from fine wines and gourmet chocolate, to shampoo and  herbal remedies. We also work to connect consumers with producers by hosting seasonal dinners at Panzanella that showcase individual farms, and co-sponsoring the annual farm tour, an event that allows families to meet farmers and see firsthand where their food is coming from.

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ruffin04.jpgWeaver Street Market Product Selection
By Ruffin Slater, General Manager
As a co-op, we strive to sell products that offer the best possible value to our owners and the community. We seek products that meet your tastes, and that also meet the values we have established as a co-op. We have recently updated our Product Statement, and want to share with you the criteria that we use for selecting products for Weaver Street Market and Panzanella. Read more.