Supporting other co-ops:
     Cooperation is the core tenet of any co-operative. We believe that we can enrich communities beyond our own by supporting businesses that offer viable alternatives to the corporate ownership model.
     As members of the National Cooperative Grocers Association, we work with co-ops all over the country to share knowledge, generate ideas, and offer support. On a local level we collaborate with co-ops across the state from the French Broad Food Co-op in Asheville to Chatham Marketplace in Pittsboro to Tidal Creek Co-operative Food Market in Wilmington. On a national scale we participate in the National Cooperative Advantage Program, which allows individual co-op groceries to strengthen their bargaining power by unifying to negotiate for better prices from natural food wholesalers. This allows us to compete with large chains stores and offer special deals on brand name products.
     In addition to working with grocery co-ops, WSM supports a wide variety of cooperative efforts in our area, including three co-op housing facilities in Carrboro, an all- volunteer radio station (WCOM 103.5 FM), the local currency initiative, and the WSM Cooperative Community Fund which awards annual grants to local groups addressing issues of sustainable agriculture, environmental protection, and social activism.

Cross County Cooperation
     October is National Co-op month, so I want to chat about one of the seven Cooperative Principles - Number 6: Cooperation among Cooperatives: “Co-operatives serve their members most effectively and strengthen the co-operative movement by working together through local, national, regional and international structures.” [ICA News, No.5/6, 1995.]
     One of the most exciting projects many of us here at Weaver Street Market have helped with lately is the opening of Chatham Marketplace in Pittsboro. (If you haven’t been there yet, turn off your computer and go! It’s beautiful.) Read more.
Making Co-op-y Things Happen: Good News From the World of Co-ops and Fair Trade

Did you know that October is both National Fair Trade Month and National Co-op Month? It’s just a coincidence, but, like peanut butter and chocolate, Fair Trade and co-operatives are two great things that go great together. No — wait.    I take that back. That’s a lame metaphor. Plus it’s borrowed from a corporate jingle. We can do better. Read more.