Meat and Seafood
    All of our meats and poultry are antibiotic and hormone free, and yes, you can taste the difference! We are pleased to offer pork, beef and lamb from Niman Ranch, a nationally recognized network of family farmers known for their commitment to sustainable agriculture, humane animal husbandry and of course, top-notch quality. A growing community of local producers provide grass-fed beef, heirloom breed pork, and handmade sausage.
    Our seafood selection reflects our ongoing commitment to ecological awareness, as we only sell seafood that is responsibly farmed or wild-caught from non-endangered species. Whenever possible we offer seasonal catch from regional fisheries along the Gulf Coast, the East Coast, and North Carolina.
Seasonally we carry seafood from Core Sound Seafood, a company that works to distribute the catch of "Down East" NC fishermen.