kleckaphoto.jpgKlecka Naturals - Chapel Hill, NC
by Cat Moleski, Features Editor
Photo by Catherine Carter

Edie and Richard Klecka are two of the highest energy people I know. I had a wild lunch with them chatting about everything from the nature of crystals formed with intention to USDA Organic Standards. The conversation traveled quickly over many topics, but always with the focus on how Klecka Naturals came to be and the level of clarity, intention, and integrity that Richard and Edie bring to their work and their products. Klecka Naturals is an outgrowth of their search for good quality products for themselves and their desire to give the gift of experiencing happiness, joy, peace, and love to other people.

As with many small businesses, the process began slowly when about fifteen years ago as massage therapists, they found that professional masseurs were having trouble with reactions to prolonged exposure to the massage oils available at the time, so they began to create their own organic blends with oils from Spectrum Naturals and organic essential oils. Since whatever you put on your skin is absorbed right into the fatty cells of the body, bypassing the liver, it was vital to them that the oils they used on clients and immerse themselves in daily be organic. Eventually they gave their blends to clients as gifts or as they were asked.

Not long ago, Edie decided she wanted to give aromatherapy spritzers as gifts to their clients. She and Richard spent time on their deck spraying the mixtures and walking through them to create the blends of essential oils. They wanted people who used their sprays to have an experience of one of the universal expressions that everyone wants to feel: happy, joyous, peaceful, and loved.
They kept these ideals in mind as they mixed and sprayed until they felt that they had it right. As a musician, Edie found herself using music analogy to reach for the best blend. "It needs a higher note," she would say. Then Edie designed the labels with kooky characters from friends that inspired her and that represented the essence within. Richard is on the Happiness Blend, a Tibetan
Monk friend, is on the Peace Blend, Edie is on the Love Blend, and the Joy Blend is named for Sophia, the divine feminine. Their Unscented Oil Blend is named for the simple flower, the daisy. If you wonder where some of their old blends went, they didn't go far. The Love blend used to be named Ground and the Refresh Blend is now the Joy blend.

In 2003, Richard and Edie met with John Troy, owner of The Wizard's Cauldron. John has created several lines of organic sauces and dressings, and he was graciously available to help them hone the focus of their business and raise the level of intention in their product. They changed the name of the business from Love Stuff to Klecka Naturals and made a serious commitment to become certified organic and label their products with the green and white circle that shows consumers quickly and clearly that they meet the organic standards. They also recently improved their body care oils by adding organic jojoba oil and natural vitamin e oil. All of these changes increase the cost of a product, but it is clear that cheap synthetics and petrochemicals are poor or even dangerous substitutes when it comes to our bodies and our health. "What we put in our bodies becomes us,"says Richard and Edie quickly affirms, "We want anything that is going to come through the pores to be organic or as clean as possible." Along with the USDA Organic symbol they also have a new slogan, "Trust in True Nature" to represent their trust in what nature can do for us and that you can trust in the nature of their product.

As important as the physical ingredients are, they also believe that the mental and emotional ingredients play a key role as well. Dr. Masaru Emoto showed that thoughts and feelings affect physical reality. His photographs documented ice crystals formed in water labeled, 'I hate you' are incomplete and dull in color and that ice crystals formed in water labeled 'I love you,' form brilliant, colorful, snowflake crystals. Edie and Richard decided to fill their product with the intention of love in order to give their customers the highest quality experience they could possibly create. You'll see love listed as an ingredient on the bottle. "We're passionate about the things we love. We're clear about who we are, and whom we're for, and what we're representing. This translates to the product and to every aspect of our life. That's our integrity." This truly sums up what Klecka Naturals is all about.

Look for their Aromatherapy Spritzers and Organic Massage and Body Care oils in our Wellness Department.