celebritydiarylogo.jpgCelebrity Dairy - Siler City, NC

    Each winter the goats at Celebrity Dairy take a well-deserved break from milking. This year Brit and Fleming are taking a vacation, too! Having recruited talented folks to oversee the dairy, they’ll spend some time sightseeing by train and wind up at the Southern Sustainable Agricultural Working Group conference in Louisville, KY. From January 16th through the 19th, they’ll attend workshops on organic farming, community food systems, and the specifics of sustainable agriculture. It’s a great place to network with other small farmers and tap into a wealth of resources and information. North Carolina is particularly well represented at the conference, with over a dozen presenters from our state including the folks from Peregrine Farm in Graham, Maple Spring Gardens in Cedar Grove, and Perry-winkle Farm in Chapel Hill. We wish them the best, and hope to have Celebrity Dairy cheese back in stock at Weaver Street Market!