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     More than a grocery store, WSM is a destination. We are the locus for community gatherings in the heart of Carrboro, a de facto town square where people of all ages gather for food, friendship, and a chance to relax in the shade.
     Like the venerable oaks on our front lawn, our roots in the community run deep.
From our founding in 1988 through every stage of development and expansion Weaver Street Market has been funded and supported by our worker and consumer owners as well as members of the wider community.
     In return, we strive to give back by reinvesting in local schools, businesses, and non-profits. Our annual purchases from regional producers total $2 million. Last year we provided $100,000 directly and  indirectly to community groups that span the gamut of progressive social activism, and our school scrip program raised over $40,000 to support schools in our area.
We are small and local in an era when big and global is becoming the norm. Unlike big-box retailers and chain stores, we reinvest your money in the local economy and work to build a vibrant social community based on shared values rather than mindless consumerism. There are no small cogs in our machine, just a community of concerned individuals making the choice to lead better lives by investing in the world around them.