Cranberry Frappe
from Ann Jackson's Heart of the Home
This would be wonderful to serve after the main course, but before dessert, you know, for that pallet-cleansing business.

You'll need:
1lb fresh cranberries -note that the packages available here are 12oz, so get a couple
or adjust the measurements accordingly
4 cups water
juice of 2 lemons
2 1/4 cups sugar OR 1 3/4 cups honey
electric beater

Cook the berries and sugar in water very slowly until well done. Put through a fine mesh strainer over a bowl and mash it through.

When cool, add lemon juice. Pour in a big bowl and put in freezer. Freeze until it's a thick hard mush. Remove and beat with an electric beater until light and fluffy. Freeze again to a hard mush, and beat again. This keeps ice crystals from forming, and multiple "beatings" (3-4 times) are the secret to this recipe. I get up early to do this one first. Now that it's done, store in cartons, and keep frozen until ready to serve. Annie says this is MUST for any holiday to-do, and I'm with her! It is so yummy and easy and SOOOOO much better than that slimy canned business. So bon appetit, my friends, and Joyeux Noel! Wendy Hayes.