Herb Planet
Frances O'Halloran
Hillsborough, NC

Ten years ago, Frances O’Halloran decided to follow her dreams. Always curious about the connection between food, health, and natural healing, she found herself between jobs and realized it was time to make a change. Now, a decade after apprenticing with noted local wild-crafter Will Endres, Frances has made her dream come true: crafting health and body products from herbs grown organically on her 10-acre plot near Hillsborough.

Frances specializes in medicinal herbs, making salves, teas, tinctures and seasonings that highlight the healing powers of the natural world. When it comes to skin care, Frances says it’s important to consider every ingredient that goes on your body. “Whatever you put on your skin, it’s like you’re eating it. It has to be processed by your body. I want to make something effective, safe, and clean.” Using top quality all-natural ingredients, Frances makes something suitable for almost every occasion: her Wound-Heal salve soothes cuts, scrapes and sores; Brain Child tea promotes focus and mental clarity; and Peaceful Pleasure aromatherapy spray opens the heart and encourages relaxation.

Many of the ingredients Frances uses are grown on her farm which has been certified naturally grown,  a designation tailor-made for small-scale farmers who cannot afford to go through the complex and expensive process of organic certification, yet are committed to sustainable farming without the use of pesticides and other chemicals.

Frances O’Halloran’s mission is to preserve both our area’s natural biodiversity and centuries worth of healing knowledge. Her land has recently been declared a Biological Sanctuary by United Plant Savers, a group dedicated to protecting endangered medicinal herbs. Frances has established plantings of goldenseal, black cohosh, and bloodroot, among others, that will not be used in her products, but will be allowed to grow to ensure that these healing herbs are not lost to over-harvesting.

She continues to expand her study of medicinal herbs, collaborating with other local herbalists as well as traveling throughout the world to explore native ways and natural healing. She is always eager to share her knowledge, and encourages customers to contact her with questions. “Herbs are safe,” says Frances, “They’ve been used for centuries. These are time-tested remedies.”

Look for Frances’s remedies at all Weaver Street Market locations.