Eat good food.     Take care of the earth.     Keep it local.


At Weaver Street Market, these have never been half-hearted slogans. Our core values have driven our decisions and practices since our co-op began in 1988.

Becoming an owner of Weaver Street Market is an investment that guarantees you a return—in good food, a healthier environment, and a vibrant local economy. Your one-time purchase of an ownership share in Weaver Street Market goes to support a business that cares about the community and strives to provide our owners and shoppers with the largest selection of locally-produced, organic, and all-natural products in the area.

Weaver Street Market Owners receive patronage dividends in profitable years, weekly owner specials, periodic percent-off coupons, informative newsletters, and the right to run for a seat on the Board of Directors, or to participate in electing their consumer-owner representatives. They also get the satisfaction that comes from knowing their purchases support local farms, small businesses, eco-friendly enterprises, a good place to work, and a great place to shop.

For a limited time new owners will receive a coupon package valued at over $75 including a free short-sleeve logo t-shirt, a reusable canvas shopping bag, and great savings on a variety of co-op products.

Weaver Street Market is owned by over 14,000 of your neighbors and friends. We’re committed katiesmollet.jpgto giving you the best in natural and organic foods, the best in customer service, and the best store you can own. We invite you to join today; it could just be the best investment you’ll ever make!

Simply ask a cashier about becoming an owner. Your benefits will start immediately!

THE FINE PRINT: There’s no annual fee; your one-time ownership share purchase is totally refundable upon request. While we cannot guarantee that eating food from Weaver Street Market will make you completely healthy, it might just make you a tiny bit happier. 

Download a brochure and New Owner Share Form.