wrchocolatier.jpgTeresa Wilkerson left the corporate world of software to make homemade chocolates, or as she puts it, “handcrafted, all-natural decadence.” Originally, Teresa was an amateur enthusiast, baking for family and friends and reading books on technique. She began attending weekend culinary institute workshops. Then she met Andrew Shotts, one of the country’s premier chocolate artisans and the founder of Garrison Confections. After approaching him for career advice, Teresa spent five months as his intern in Providence, Rhode Island. The internship was an incomparable experience. “They taught me everything. It’s great to understand the hows and whys. It’s what separates good chocolate from great chocolate.”
WRChocolatier12pack.jpgBy the fall of 2008, Teresa returned to Raleigh and started WR Chocolatier. “It’s been a learning experience,” she said of the next year. “I’m learning about the industry, and my chocolates get better every day.” Teresa worked on developing distinct flavors. “When you taste my chocolate you know exactly what you’re tasting. The flavors are really clean and crisp.” She also developed a distinctive look. “You eat with your eyes, so it’s important they look appetizing. I use color to show what’s inside, to evoke what you’re about to bite in to.” In each box of chocolates, red, orange, or white candy shellacs heart-shaped chocolates, speckles the surface, or swirls into the rich interior.
At Weaver Street Market you can choose the 4-piece or 12-piece sampler, including Dark Chocolate Truffles, Peanut Butter Truffles, Raspberry-Chocolate puree in a dark chocolate shell, Mocha Truffles with cocoa nibs, Salted Caramels, and tart Passion Fruit Caramels. All are freshly handmade using only the finest ingredients, with no preservatives. Learn more at WR Chocolatier’s website.