Nello's Italy

Neal McTighe, a.k.a. Nello, grew up in central New Jersey in an Italian-American family that made homemade lasagna and great spaghetti sauce. But when he had to take a language in college, he got a D in Italian. He loved Italian culture and signed up to go abroad in Bologna, Italy. He returned to Italy several times as he continued to study Italian. It was on one of these trips that he visited his grandmother’s hometown of Carife, and had a meal at the local restaurant, Il Grottino. When the pasta and sauce tasted familiar, he knew it must be because his grandmother had brought the recipe with her to America in 1919. (Read the whole story here. )

NellosJar.jpgNello went on to have an academic career, and has even been the poet-laureate of Carrboro. But one morning he got the idea to start a website about “all things Italian.” He started the Nello’s Italy website in 2011 and began making jars of Nello’s sauce in his Raleigh kitchen. He now makes Nello's sauce in Hillsborough at the Piedmont Food & Ag Processing center. Look on his site for articles and recipes from Italy. One visit will show you his enthusiasm for all things Italian.

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