Pasta and Provisions

pastaprovisionswithsauce.jpgpastaprovisionslogo.pngPasta and Provisions is a family-owned Italian grocery in Charlotte. Tommy and Debbie George began the company in 1992, to bring fresh pasta to the area. Tommy had worked for other pasta companies, both in marketing and in expanding the product line. The Georges wrote a business plan, moved back to Charlotte, and put all their money into the new venture, a retail shop and wholesale business. By the end of the first year, they had sold a half million dollars of pasta and provisions.

Pasta and Provisions aims to make a quality product at a reasonable price. They make pastas from ordinary spaghetti to seasonal specialties, from Spinach Fettuccini to Garlic and Parsley Linguini. Their sauces range from a simple Marinara, to Primavera with broccoli, mushrooms, peas, carrots, zucchini, garlic, onion, parsley, and red bell peppers, to Alfredo made with cream, asiago, pecorino romano, parmesan, garlic, and nutmeg.