Caromont Farm

CaromontLogo.jpgCaromontGail&Daniel.jpgGail Hobbs-Page and Daniel Page established Caromont Farm in 2009. They now have 50 grass-based goats on 25 acres in Esmont, Virginia. On their website , they write, “We are a mix of crazy nubians, insipid le manchas, lazy saanens, wacky alpines, and one lone needy toggenburg.”

With the help of cheese-maker Bridge Cox, Gail turns the goat’s milk into farmstead cheeses including the Esmontonian, a raw milk cheese in the “Grana” style, a term that historically referred to a class of hard, mature cheeses from Italy that have a granular texture. It is aged 120 days and bathed in a viognier vinegar brine. (In case you are wondering, viognier is a white wine grape.)

CaromontCheeseWheels.jpgCaromont also buys cow milk from nearby Silky Cow Farm in North Garden, Virginia. Silky Cow Farm has 17 grass-fed Jersey cows on 125 acres. The Bloomsbury cheese is a bloomy-rind disk made with pasteurized Jersey cow milk, made in the style of a chaource, a French cheese originally manufactured in the village of Chaource. It is surface ripened, with a 2-week affinage (a.k.a. aging process). It’s named for the Bloomsbury township in the Virginia Piedmont.

Caromont Farm’s cheeses are made from milk from animals fed organic grain, no corn, and no GMOs. All cheeses are hand-ladled, tended daily, and aged on the farm. Read more at their website, .