Caromont Farm


Gail Hobbs-Page and Daniel Page established Caromont Farm in 2007. They now have over 125 goats on their farm in Esmont, Virginia, including le manchas, saanens, and alpines. The goats are grass-based but do eat some grain.

Before becomign a farmer, Gail was a chef. She lived in Chapel Hill for ten years, cooking at Magnolia Grill and at Fearrington House.

CaromontCheeseWheels.jpgGail turns the goat’s milk into farmstead cheeses including the Esmontonian, a semi-hard raw milk cheese in the Manchego style. It is aged 90 days.The Esmontonian expresses milky notes that yield to grassy, roasted onion notes. It is an American Cheese Society award winner, taking 2nd place in 2013 in the European-style/American-made category. Caromont Farm is a stone's throw from the tiny town of Esmont. and the members of the village are proud to call themselves "esmontonians." This cheese is named for them.

Caromont also buys cow milk from nearby Silky Cow Farm in North Garden, Virginia. Silky Cow Farm has 38 exclusively grass-fed Jersey cows on 125 acres. Gail makes four-pound washed-rind tomes of Red Row cheese from this milk. Albemarle County is the center of Virginia apple production and produces hard cider as well. Red Row cheese is washed in cider from Albemarle Cider Works; the heirloom apples’ flavor complements the cheese and creates a Piedmont original. Red Row is a semi-soft cow's milk cheese made from milk from Silky Cow Farm. The cider washing gives it a distinct orange rind. It has a soft, velvety texture with hints of butter, barnyard, and yeast.

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