BrittleBits by Rain

2brittlebitssmall.jpgBrittleBits by Rain - Hillsborough, NC

"I have always loved to bake, especially candy. Even as a child I understood how a sweet candy has the power to make things all better. After a 25-year career as a scientist, I retired in 2009. It was time to turn my passion into a business. After consulting my family, the decision was made to cook and sell my wonderful peanut brittle. 

"In November of 2011 BrittleBits by Rain became an LLC.

"BrittleBits by Rain is a family business and everyone brittlebritssample.jpgparticipates. My dad is my number one salesperson, my mom labels all the bags and keeps track of my dad's customers. My sister drives my dad on his route, helps cook in the kitchen, and attends tastings with me. My 3 children have helped with all of it including cooking, weighing, bagging, and tastings. It is with great pride that I thank my entire family and my friends for bringing BrittleBits by Rain to fruition. I hope you enjoy eating my peanut brittle as much as I enjoy making it for you."