Little Red Wagon Granola

littleredwagonlogo.pngYolanda Bravo began selling baked goods at the Carrboro Farmer's Market in 2004, under the name Little Red Wagon. It was a part time job for a stay-at-home mom. Her granola was her most popular product, so she slowly expanded and began selling it to local stores. It’s now available in many states. Yolanda says, “I have been able to grow my business in stride with my family and I am committed to baking granola with the same care and attention to detail given to the first batch I baked for my own family.”

Yolanda bakes with simple, recognizable ingredients. Buying her granola is the closest thing to making your own! And she uses locally-milled flour.

littleredwagongranolabag.pngAbout the granola:

Original: Tried and true our Original Granola delivers a simple and delicious taste of cinnamon and raisins.  With lots of pecans and almonds, it’s no wonder that this is our most popular variety.

Cosmopolitan: This combination of cranberries, almonds, pecans and just a hint of orange is sporty and hip.  Perfect with yogurt for lunch!

Crunchy Monkey: It tastes so good you’ll have a hard time putting the bag down.  Bananas and chocolate chips with pecans and almonds make this a granola a great afternoon snack or ice cream topping. Keep a bag in your desk drawer!

Big Apple: If you are looking for an alternative to our standard ingredients, you need to read this label.  This vegan granola combines the sweetness of sucanat with the richness of peanut butter, almonds and pecans for a truly satisfying cereal.  Dried apples and raisins add hearty texture.

Mocha: A collusion of breakfast foods.  Did the granola drop in the coffee – or did the coffee drop in the granola?  We’ll never say – but it doesn’t really matter anymore.  Rich velvety dark chocolate drops and an abundance of almonds completes this variety. You can have the best of both worlds in the same bite.

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