Mr. Tommy's Firewood

MrTommysFamily.jpgWe get our bundles of firewood from Mr. Tommy's Firewood, a family owned and operated business based in Woodleaf, NC. The family has been in the firewood business for over 35 years and has a long-standing reputation of reliability and top quality products. Pre-bundled firewood is a relatively new venture for them; they split, wrap and ship all the bundles.

Mr. Tommy’s uses mixed hardwoods harvested within a 75 mile radius of Woodleaf. They store the logs in their log yard for four to six months to dry them out, which helps ensure top quality firewood. Then they run the logs through a specially-designed saw that cuts them to length and splits them.

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The split logs follow a conveyor through a series of wrapping stations where individuals hand pick each piece of firewood, place them in appropriate-sized bundles, and wrap each bundle in stretch wrap. These workers also label the bundle and attach a handle made from polyester webbing. The firewood standards instituted by the NC Deptartment of Weights and Measurements requires each bundle to contain .6 cubic feet of NC firewood. Mr. Tommy’s, however, has not adjusted their bundle size since the previous measure (.75 cubic feet) was in use.

Once bundles are checked against the standard, workers stack them on wooden pallets. They wrap the pallets in stretch wrap to provide stability during shipping, but the wrapping also allows for adequate air flow between bundles, substantially reducing the possibility of mold. Pallets are dated to ensure proper inventory rotation, and housed in a covered, open-front facility.

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