The Pig

We now have Carolina bacon, hot dogs, and barbeque!ThePig-logo.png

After working at local hotspots like Lantern, Neal's Deli, and The Barbecue Joint, Sam Suchoff opened an eclectic (yet traditional) barbeque restaurant in 2010, called The Pig, in Chapel Hill. The restaurant cooks whole North Carolina hogs that come from Animal Welfare Approved farms – they are pasture-raised with no antibiotics or added hormones.


In 2013, we began carrying Sam's bacon. More recently, in 2014, Sam began working with us to produce smoked meats like hotdogs and barbeque. He uses the smoker and our kitchen facilities at our Food House in Hillsborough.

We'll have an interview with Sam soon. Look for his bacon and barbeque in our stores

Learn more about The Pig on their website, and read a restaurant review in The Independent.

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