From Mark Hofmann, Troller Point Fisheries:

Troller-fisherwoman.jpg"Do you know where your fish comes from? Well some of it comes to Weaver Street from us, Troller Point Fisheries. We have been producing hook and line caught Wild Alaska Salmon, Halibut, and Blackcod for 25 years now. Every summer while other families are vacationing, we are rolling around Alaska's coast on our 52-foot boat, the F/V Ocean Oasis, chasing after the ocean’s bounty.  Alaska has managed its fisheries to be the envy of the world for sustainability. Although hook and line fishing is a time consuming process,  it produces the very finest quality. We are lucky enough to make a living in arguably one of the most beautiful, wild places on earth. Kyle and April, our children, have experienced the beauty and power of nature over their many summers on our boat.

"Last season we harvested some very nice Coho salmon: thick bellies,  firm bright orange flesh, and high in omega-3 oils. We thought you might like to know a little bit more about where your fish comes from and who harvests it. We hope you appreciate our efforts and will enjoy the rich flavor of our Wild Alaska Seafood."

Mark and his crew freeze the salmon right on the boat. You can see the process in their video.

Look for the Troller Point label in the seafood case. Learn more about the company and Alaska at and on Facebook. (Recipes and tips are posted here: See videos of Mark and other staff on their Youtube channel.

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