Drake's Fresh Pasta Company

Drake's-Fresh-Pasta-front-page.jpgOur Food House uses pasta from Drake’s Fresh Pasta Company in High Point. The company is family-owned and commited to making high quality pasta.

In the mid-1980s, Rick and Simone Drake had a dream of starting a unique food business. They had made pasta for fun and decided to try making it to sell. Using a pasta machine that had been a wedding gift, they spent hours making pasta and experimenting. They used high-quality, fresh ingredients with no preservatives. These initial attempts resulted in their business: Drake’s Fresh Pasta.

Initially, the Drakes made only flat noodles, but the popularity of filled pastas motivated them to expand their offerings. Decades later, Drake’s has more than 100 products and distributes across the US. Rick and Simone remain involved in the company’s daily operations and continue to maintain their original commitment to excellence.

Many things make Drake’s pasta special:

1. Good ingredients. Drake’s pasta and fillings are made fresh every day with all-natural ingredients from quality- and safety-approved vendors. The base of their pasta is Extra Fancy Durum Wheat Flour direct from the mill. Fresh vegetables are delivered daily, and wheel cheese is grated at the facility. Only fresh dairy cream, Impastata style Ricotta, fresh mozzarella and real butter are used.

Drakes-Fresh-Pasta-Building.jpg2. A passionate process. The Drakes believe each product should be “a work of art” and that details matter. Their website describes “hand-prepared plump fillings encased in thin, tender dough,” ravioli seams that stay together, and “natural-colored pasta dough [that] becomes more vibrant after cooking.”

3. A generous filling-to-dough ratio. The ravioli, for example, is 50-60% filling, which is 20% higher than many other brands.

4. Texture. Ingredients are blended together, not pureed. Drake’s doesn’t use bases or flavor enhancers.

You can find Drake’s manicotti, lasagna noodles, and tortellini in dishes on our hot bar and salad bar and in our Grab and Go case. Visit their website at http://www.drakesfreshpasta.com/.

Drakes-spinach-lasagna.jpg Drakes-manicotti.jpg