New Season, New Local Lettuce

Alex Hitt with lettuce
Alex Hitt

For years (decades!) Peregrine Farm has supplied us with local lettuce in May. Last year, Alex and Betsy Hitt told us they’d be retiring, and we knew we had to find someone new. Maple Spring Gardens would still provide lettuce to our Hillsborough store, but who would produce enough for Carrboro and Southern Village?

Keith and Megan at Nourishing Acres

We’re happy to announce that Nourishing Acres will fill the gap. Megan and Keith Marshall started the farm in Cedar Grove in 2015 after working on many farms around the world. They tend to their fields by hand, covering plants to help with pest control and weeding around the young plants. Nourishing Acres is certified organic. We visited the farm this time last year; you can read about it here or watch a video here.

Look for their lettuces in stores this week, as well as bagged baby greens, kale, and baby bok choi, with more veggies coming later in the season.