Round Up for TABLE This Summer!

Banner announcing the Round Up! campaign, with cowboy vegetablesThe Round Up! returns on May 17 to help us support TABLE’s Summer Backpack program.  Round Up! campaigns are about making a big impact with small donations that anyone can make. Throughout the summer, the Weaver Street Market community can round up their total purchases to the nearest dollar to fill a child’s backpack with healthy food for the weekend.

For the last two summers, the Weaver Street Market community has donated funds to provide healthy food for all of TABLE’s summer backpack meals. With this community support, TABLE has been able to extend its summer program from 7 to 10 weeks, and increase the number of kids from 350 to 450 (or more) this summer. Our community goal this summer is to provide backpack meals for 450 kids for the 10 weeks of summer!

To raise the funds for the food this summer, we’re switching from the $15 backpack donation to the Round Up! The backpack campaigns have been quite successful, yet we’ve heard from a great number in the community who say that rounding up is much easier and more sustainable as a way for them to participate. We saw that with our first Round Up! last December—shoppers rounded up 82,500 times for donations totaling $43,607.

For every $150 rounded up for TABLE, we’ll cover one child’s weekend meals for the entire summer! Of course shoppers can donate a larger amounts.

Our Round Up! program will run year long. It will feature a different food partner every three months:

  • TABLE’s Summer Backpacks for Kids program: May 17 – August 31, 2017
  • A new partner (to be announced soon): September – November 2017
  • Winter Produce for IFC’s and OCIM’s Food Pantries: December 2017 – February 2018
  • PORCH’s Food for Families program: March – May 2018

Watch for an upcoming blog post about the kids participating in TABLE’s summer backpack program. We’ll also have details soon about a new orientation program this June for volunteers at TABLE and about the community food sorts for the backpacks, which we’ll host in July.

Banner announcing the Round Up! campaign, with cowboy vegetables