windynabbaleWeaver Street Market is a community-owned food co-op. Community members become owners for a number of reasons. Many people join to support a community-owned business that works to sustain the local economy. Others join for the intimate connection to neighbors and the community. Others join to be part of the worldwide co-op movement that uses business for social good. You do not need to be an owner to shop at Weaver Street, but if you decide to join you will enjoy numerous owner benefits.

Weaver Street Market owners enjoy numerous benefits, including

  • An eight-week introductory e-coupon program for new owners, valued at more than $75.
  • Owner-only specials and coupons. (View this week’s here.)
  • Eligibility to join Coastal Federal Credit Union, which has a branch in Carrboro.
  • An invitation to the Co-op Fair and Annual Meeting, Board meetings, and special Owner Sessions.
  • An opportunity to volunteer on community projects and committees.
  • A vote to choose the Board of Directors and impact the future direction of the co-op.
  • Being a partner of the largest food co-op in the Southeast.

Becoming an owner of Weaver Street Market is easy. Download the new owner share form here.